The Idea

Fido’s Favorites started with one simple goal: to provide people with the best information on dog care and training so that they can easily make informed decisions.

How We Create Content

The content you find on this site has been researched, planned, and edited by one of us to ensure that all of our content is accurate and of the highest quality.  We write most of the content ourselves with a few exceptions. If we choose to use a freelance writer for a draft, the work is carefully edited and finalized by one, or both, of us.

We do our best to get our hands on the actual items to test and base our reviews on our own experience.  This is not always possible. We, therefore, exhaustively read customer reviews on these items to make sure you’re getting the best and most current information possible.

We spend a lot of time in local pet stores and talk with the staff, as they are a great resource for real-time information.  This keeps us in the loop on new trends and popular items that have just hit the floor.

Fido’s Favorites is a site you can trust, and there are no brand sponsors to influence our reviews.  We’re pretty sure we know how much you love your dog because that’s how we feel about ours! We only want the best for our dogs and yours!

The Team

Rita Daniel, Chief editor

Rita is a life-long dog lover.  Through the years, her furry friends have included everything from a 25-pound Lhasa Apso to a 150-pound Neopolitan Mastiff, with many interesting breeds in between.  Rita has worked extensively with different trainers in private settings..

John Daniel, Jack of All Trades (master of None)

John is one of those unfortunate individuals who was deprived of having a dog growing up, but he made up for it in college when he adopted a Saint Bernard.  Since then, he has always had dogs and seems to lean toward those with high-energy (much to Rita’s dismay). John works on research, SEO, and anything Rita asks him to do.

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