The 6 Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs in 2023

best dog beds for large dogs

Finding the perfect resting spot for your furry friend can be a challenging endeavor, especially when catering to bigger breeds. With the myriad of options available, pinpointing the best dog beds for large dogs often feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. But fear not! We’ve done the heavy lifting and curated a list of top-notch products that will ensure your canine companion sleeps in the lap of luxury.

Let’s dive right into the selections!

Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Big Barker Orthopedic Headrest Bed


When it comes to unparalleled support tailored for large breeds, the Big Barker Orthopedic Headrest Bed stands out. This bed’s design centers on the specific needs of bigger dogs, ensuring they don’t miss out on comfort. Its therapeutic foam guarantees longevity without flattening, a common issue with many dog beds. What sets it apart further is the headrest – an excellent feature for dogs that enjoy some elevated head support. And when it’s cleaning time? The removable cover ensures it’s a fuss-free process.

Pros and Cons


  • Exclusively crafted with large breeds in mind
  • Superior therapeutic foam quality
  • Added headrest to cater to dogs’ lounging preferences
  • Hassle-free maintenance with a removable, machine-washable cover


  • Might strain some budgets due to its premium pricing
  • Could prove overly spacious for the smaller dog members

BarksBar Dog Bed


BarksBar Dog Bed comes close in the race, beloved by numerous dog parents for its fusion of comfort and durability. Its orthopedic foam strikes a balance between softness and support, essential for our aging canine pals. Aesthetically, its design allows it to blend effortlessly with home interiors. The bed’s contoured rim cushion is another feather in its cap, ensuring that your dog’s head and neck get the rest they need.

Pros and Cons


  • Robust orthopedic foam ensuring consistent support
  • Aesthetically pleasing to suit modern home decors
  • Contoured rim cushion enhancing comfort


  • Doesn’t boast the thickness some competitors offer
  • Might show signs of wear after prolonged, rigorous use

PetFusion Ultimate Lounge Dog Bed


When orthopedic support is a non-negotiable, the PetFusion Ultimate Lounge Dog Bed rises to the occasion. With a solid 4-inch memory foam base, it’s tailor-made for dogs grappling with joint pain or post-surgery recovery. The raised walls not only offer added support but also create a snug environment, fostering a sense of safety. An additional perk? A water-resistant cover, offering a layer of protection against unexpected spills.

Pros and Cons


  • Dense 4-inch memory foam foundation
  • Elevated walls to enhance the coziness factor
  • Protective water-resistant cover


  • Might lean towards the firmer side for some canine preferences
  • Cover guards against spills but isn’t entirely waterproof

MidWest Homes Dog Bed


For those in search of the ideal crate-fitting bed, MidWest Homes Dog Bed is a prime choice. Its design champions portability, a boon for those on the move. While it provides a cushioned poly-fiber base for comfort, its standout feature is the no-slip grip. This ensures that even the most restless of sleepers find stability.

Pros and Cons


  • Specifically fashioned for crate compatibility
  • Portability makes it a travel-friendly option
  • Ensures stability with a no-slip grip


  • Lacks the thickness of traditional standalone beds
  • Might fall short in support for the more senior or joint-sensitive dogs

Brindle Memory Foam Dog Bed


For a bed that molds to your dog’s unique shape, the Brindle Memory Foam Dog Bed is unparalleled. Its 3-inch orthopedic shredded memory foam fill ensures that no pressure point remains unaddressed. This adaptability guarantees optimal joint and muscle health for your canine companion. A bonus? Its feather-light design, allowing for effortless room-to-room transfers.

Pros and Cons


  • Shaped to your dog’s contours for unmatched comfort
  • Targeted pressure point relief
  • Designed for easy portability


  • Over time, the shredded foam might need occasional fluffing
  • Might not resonate with dogs that have a preference for harder surfaces

Dogbed4less Jumbo Orthopedic Comfort Memory Foam Dog Bed


For the hygiene-conscious dog owner, the Dogbed4less Jumbo Orthopedic Comfort Memory Foam Dog Bed is the go-to. Standout features include not one, but two machine-washable external covers. Furthermore, the hypoallergenic memory foam adds another layer of protection against allergens like molds, mildews, and dust mites.

Pros and Cons


  • Dual machine-washable covers for streamlined cleaning
  • Allergy-resistant memory foam
  • Defense mechanism against common allergens


  • Its jumbo dimensions might prove a challenge for standard washing machines
  • The firmness level might not be everyone’s (or every dog’s) cup of tea

Buyer’s Guide – Picking the Best Large Dog Bed

The Anatomy of Large Dogs

When choosing a bed for your furry companion, understanding the specifics of their anatomy is crucial. Large dogs aren’t just standard dogs on a bigger scale. Their bodies have unique characteristics that need specific considerations to be taken.

Differences in Bone Structure and Weight Distribution

Unlike smaller breeds, large dogs like Great Danes, Mastiffs, and Saint Bernards have an elongated and more robust bone structure. The force exerted by their weight isn’t just a scaled-up version of what a smaller dog might exert, it’s substantially more.

Given how the anatomy of bigger breeds is built to support their size their beds need to have proper weight distribution to avoid any sagging or indentations that might form over time.

Potential Orthopedic Issues

Unfortunately, size comes with its set of challenges. Large dogs are often predisposed to orthopedic problems, including hip dysplasia, spinal issues, and other joint problems. The onset of such problems could be earlier than in smaller breeds. 

Hence, an orthopedic bed that offers optimum support to joints and pressure points becomes not just a luxury but a necessity.

The Unique Needs of Older Dogs

Age brings wisdom, but it also brings some challenges. For our canine companions, their golden years can be marked by specific physical changes that necessitate different care requirements.

Arthritis and joint issues

Much like humans, older dogs are prone to arthritis, especially the larger breeds. The condition can be exacerbated by sleeping on hard or uneven surfaces. 

An orthopedic bed with memory foam can contour to their body, offering relief and comfort. It reduces pressure on aching joints, making rest times pain-free.

Need for extra cushioning and support

With the progression of age, dogs might lose their once plump musculature, leading to more pronounced bony areas. The loss of this natural ‘cushioning’ can make resting on harder surfaces uncomfortable. 

Therefore, older dogs require beds with additional padding to ensure those tender spots aren’t subjected to unnecessary pressure.

What Is the Right Size Bed for Your Dog?

The size of the bed isn’t just about ensuring it matches your living room aesthetics or fits a designated spot. It’s fundamentally about guaranteeing your dog’s utmost comfort.

Use the Right Tools

Before diving into the measuring process, equip yourself with the right tools, preferably a flexible measuring tape. If your dog isn’t the patient type, recruiting a family member as a helper can streamline the process.

Know What to Measure

Length: Start from the tip of their nose and go all the way to the base of the tail. This measurement ensures they have adequate stretching room.

Width: Measure the broadest part, which is typically across the chest. This ensures they have enough rolling space.

Determining the Right Size

With the measurements in hand:

For Length: Add about 8-12 inches to your dog’s actual length. This ensures they have a comfortable stretch-out space.

For Width: Similarly, add 8-12 inches to the width, ensuring ample space for side-to-side movement.

Remember, dogs aren’t always prim and proper when they sleep. They love their space, and the extra inches ensure they can sprawl, curl, or roll to their heart’s content.

Determining the Comfortable Size

While measurements give us a good ballpark figure, the true judge of comfort is your dog. Some dogs are sprawlers who love to stretch out to their full length, while others are curlers who find comfort in snuggling into a cozy curl. It’s essential to observe your dog’s sleeping patterns to gauge the bed’s perfect size and shape.

Dog Bed Core Materials: What’s Inside a Dog Bed?

Textiles (Polyfill, Cotton, etc.)

Every dog has their hay day, and when that time winds down, what they rest upon can make a world of difference to their comfort. Among the primary materials found in dog beds, textiles hold a notable place.

  • Polyfill: Also known as polyester fill, polyfill is synthetic and highly versatile. It’s commonly found in many dog beds due to its ability to mimic the softness of a down comforter while being hypoallergenic. Polyfill is also light, making it easier for washing and drying. The downside? Over time, with constant use, polyfill might clump together, reducing the bed’s evenness and comfort.
  • Cotton: A natural material that’s breathable, cotton fillings are especially great for warmer climates. It provides a cool surface for dogs to rest upon. However, cotton can compact over time, which may reduce its loft and comfort.

Comfort Foam

While the term ‘foam’ might conjure up an image of a singular material, there’s quite a bit of diversity here:

  • Standard Foam: This is the basic foam padding that’s relatively inexpensive and provides a moderate amount of cushioning. Suitable for lighter breeds, it might not offer the required support for heavier dogs or those with orthopedic needs.
  • High-density Foam: Denser than standard foam, this variant offers more support and is generally more durable. Its firmness is ideal for larger breeds, ensuring they don’t sink too deep and get the support they need.
  • Egg Crate Foam: Recognizable by its unique ‘egg crate’ design, this foam offers both cushioning and airflow. The ridges allow for better air circulation, making it great for dogs that tend to overheat.

Memory Foam

Arguably the crème de la crème of dog bed materials, memory foam stands out for several reasons:

  • Pressure Relief: Memory foam, originally designed for astronauts, is highly regarded for its ability to distribute weight evenly. For dogs, especially older ones or those with joint issues, this means relief from pressure points, ensuring a pain-free slumber.
  • Durability: Unlike some other materials, memory foam doesn’t compact easily. It retains its shape and support for a longer time, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.
  • Temperature Sensitivity: Memory foam responds to body heat, allowing it to mold closely to a dog’s body. This adaptability offers unparalleled comfort, ensuring a snug rest for your pet.

Additional Considerations for Large Dogs

The Bed Should Be Thick

When it comes to large dogs, a thin bed simply won’t cut it. Not only will a thin bed wear out faster, but it won’t provide the necessary support. Here’s why:

  • Weight Distribution: Larger breeds distribute more weight over their resting area. A thicker bed ensures that this weight doesn’t compress the bed too much, ensuring your pet stays elevated and comfortable.
  • Joint Support: Heavier dogs need more cushioning to support their joints, especially if they are prone to conditions like arthritis. A thick bed can provide that extra padding to ease pressure points.

Look For a Removable and Machine-Washable Cover

Maintaining cleanliness is essential for your pet’s health, and it starts with their bed:

  • Hygiene: Larger dogs can accumulate more dirt, dander, and even shed more. A washable cover ensures you can regularly remove these, keeping allergens at bay.

How Often Should You Clean? 

Ideally, for large dogs, you should clean the bed cover every two weeks. However, if your dog has allergies, is a heavy shedder, or tends to get muddy often, you might need to do it more frequently.

Look For a Non-Skid Bottom Surface

With their weight and playful nature, large dogs can easily slide their beds across the floor:

  • Safety First: A non-skid bottom ensures the bed stays in place, preventing potential injuries resulting from slips or sudden movements.
  • Preserving Your Floor: A bed that stays put reduces the risk of scratching or marking your floors, especially if they are wooden or delicate.

Will Your Buddy Benefit From Bolsters?

Bolsters, or raised edges, might seem like a mere design feature, but they can offer several benefits:

  • Neck and Head Support: Just as we might enjoy a pillow, many dogs like to rest their heads on a slightly elevated surface. Bolsters can provide that.
  • Sense of Security: Especially for anxious dogs, the raised edges can give a feeling of being cradled and safe.
  • Draft Protection: If your home can get a bit drafty, bolsters can act as a protective barrier, keeping your pet cozy.

Choosing the Best Foam: Solid Sheet vs. Shredded Pieces

The internal composition of the bed makes a world of difference in comfort:

  • Solid Sheet Foam: Offers uniform support and doesn’t clump over time. Especially for older dogs or those with joint issues, a solid sheet ensures even weight distribution and consistent comfort.
  • Shredded Pieces: These can be more malleable, allowing the bed to adapt to your dog’s preferred resting shape. However, over time, the pieces can clump together, leading to uneven surfaces.


Choosing the right bed for your large dog might seem a tad overwhelming with all the options out there. But remember, it’s all about your furry friend’s comfort and health. Consider their unique needs, especially if they’re older or have joint issues. 

From the bed’s thickness to its inner materials, each detail is crucial. And don’t forget those handy features like washable covers and non-skid bottoms. 

At the end of the day, your dog deserves a cozy spot to rest, and with the right choice, you’ll have a happy pup curling up in comfort. Happy shopping!

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