Best Dog Teething Rings for Your Puppy in 2023

Puppy chewing on a teething ring

Looking for the perfect solution to soothe your puppy’s sore gums and satisfy their chewing urges? Dog teething rings are an essential tool for pet parents, designed to provide relief and entertainment during your pup’s teething phase. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top dog teething rings available in 2023 and provide a detailed buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision.

  1. Nylabone Puppy Teething Ring – The Tried and True Classic
  2. Kong Puppy Goodie Bone – The Ultimate Treat Dispenser
  3. Petstages Cool Teething Stick – A Refreshing Twist on Teething Relief
  4. HuggleHounds Ruff-Tex Teething Ring – The Perfect Mix of Soft and Durable

Before we dive into our top picks for dog teething rings, let’s briefly discuss what to look for in these essential puppy products. In our buyer’s guide, we cover factors such as material, size, shape, texture, durability, safety, and additional features that can enhance your pup’s chewing experience. 

By considering these factors, you’ll be able to choose the ideal teething ring to alleviate your puppy’s discomfort, entertain them during their teething phase, and promote good dental health.

Nylabone Puppy Teething Ring – The Tried and True Classic

Nylabone Puppy Teething Ring - The Tried and True Classic, one of the best dog teething rings on the market

The Nylabone Puppy Teething Ring has been a staple in the world of dog teething toys for years, and for good reason. Known for its durability and appealing textures, this teething ring is perfect for puppies who love to chew. 

The Nylabone’s unique design features multiple ridges and nubs that help clean teeth and massage gums, making it a great tool for promoting dental health. Made from a safe, non-toxic material, this ring is designed to withstand the wear and tear that comes with persistent chewing. 

It comes in a variety of fun flavors, such as bacon, chicken, and peanut butter, ensuring that your puppy will be entertained for hours on end. Thanks to this built-in flavor, your puppy will associate the teething ring with a positive, rewarding experience. The ring is also available in different sizes, catering to the needs of puppies of all breeds and sizes. Its visually appealing design mimics the look of a real bone, further enticing your pup to engage in play. 

The Nylabone Puppy Teething Ring is easy to clean and maintain, making it a convenient option for busy pet parents. Simply rinse the ring under warm water to remove any accumulated dirt or debris. Its long-lasting nature ensures that you won’t have to replace the ring too often, saving you time and money. In short, the Nylabone Puppy Teething Ring is a one of the best dog teething rings on the market and is a reliable and classic choice for providing your teething pup with relief and entertainment.

Kong Puppy Goodie Bone – The Ultimate Treat Dispenser

Kong Puppy Goodie Bone - The Ultimate Treat Dispenser

The Kong Puppy Goodie Bone takes teething rings to the next level by incorporating a treat-dispensing feature. This innovative design encourages puppies to chew on the bone, while also rewarding them with a tasty treat as they play. Made from Kong’s exclusive puppy rubber formula, this teething ring is both soft and durable, making it perfect for gentle chewers. 

It has a versatile design that means you can stuff the bone with your pup’s favorite treat, ensuring they stay engaged and entertained. The Kong Puppy Goodie Bone’s unique shape makes it easy for your puppy to grip and carry, promoting interactive play. 

On top of that, the bone’s treat-dispensing feature helps to mentally stimulate your pup, keeping them occupied and reducing boredom. This teething ring is also available in various sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your furry friend. The soft rubber material not only provides a satisfying chewing experience but also helps to soothe irritated gums.

This treat-dispensing teething ring is also easy to clean, as you can simply remove any leftover treats and rinse the bone under warm water. The Kong Puppy Goodie Bone’s durable design ensures that it will last for a long time, providing your pup with endless hours of fun and relief. Overall, this teething ring is an excellent choice for pet parents looking to combine teething relief with mental stimulation and treat-dispensing fun.

Petstages Cool Teething Stick – A Refreshing Twist on Teething Relief

Petstages Cool Teething Stick - A Refreshing Twist on Teething Relief

The Petstages Cool Teething Stick offers a unique approach to teething relief by incorporating a freezable component. Simply soak the stick in water, freeze it, and let your puppy enjoy the soothing, cold sensation as they chew. The cooling effect provides an extra layer of relief for your pup’s sore gums, making it a standout choice in comparison to other teething toys.

The stick’s textured surface not only massages your pup’s gums but also helps remove plaque and tartar buildup. Its lightweight design makes it easy for puppies to carry and play with, ensuring that they’ll be eager to chew on it for hours.

Additionally, the bright colors and engaging shape of the Petstages Cool Teething Stick make it an attractive option for both puppies and pet parents. The stick’s durable construction means it can withstand even the most enthusiastic chewers, ensuring that it will last as your puppy grows.

The Petstages Cool Teething Stick is not only great for teething but also doubles as a fun fetch toy, allowing for interactive play with your pup. Cleaning the stick is a breeze, as you can simply rinse it under warm water and refreeze it for future use. The combination of cooling relief, engaging design, and dual-purpose functionality make the Petstages Cool Teething Stick a fantastic choice for pet parents looking to soothe their puppy’s teething discomfort in a refreshing way.

HuggleHounds Ruff-Tex Teething Toy – The Perfect Mix of Soft and Durable

HuggleHounds Ruff-Tex Teething Ring - The Perfect Mix of Soft and Durable

The HuggleHounds Ruff-Tex Teething Ring is designed to combine the best of both worlds when it comes to teething toys. The outer layer of the ring is made from a soft, plush material that’s gentle on your puppy’s gums, while the inner core is constructed from durable rubber. This combination ensures that the teething ring will stand up to even the most aggressive chewers. 

The fun and colorful design also features a built-in squeaker, making it an entertaining choice for your puppy. The HuggleHounds Ruff-Tex Teething Ring is available in a range of sizes, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for every breed and age. 

Because of the ring’s unique shape, there are multiple chewing angles which will satisfy your pup’s natural urge to chew while also providing relief for their sore gums. The plush outer layer adds an element of comfort that sets this teething ring apart from its competitors, making it an excellent choice for puppies that prefer a softer chewing experience.

The HuggleHounds Ruff-Tex Teething Ring is easy to clean, as the plush outer layer can be machine washed while the rubber core can be rinsed with warm water. The built-in squeaker adds an extra layer of excitement for your pup, keeping them engaged for extended periods. In summary, the HuggleHounds Ruff-Tex Teething Ring is a fantastic option for pet parents who want a teething toy that provides both durability and comfort, along with the added bonus of a squeaker for extra fun.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Teething Ring for Your Puppy

Understanding Puppy Teething

Before diving into the specific factors to consider when choosing the perfect teething ring for your pup, it’s essential to understand the teething process. Puppies, like human babies, go through a teething phase in which they lose their baby teeth and grow adult teeth. This process typically begins around three to four months of age and continues until they are about six to eight months old.

During this phase, puppies experience discomfort, soreness, and irritation in their gums as their new teeth emerge. To alleviate this discomfort, puppies naturally have a strong urge to chew on various objects. Dog teething rings provide a safe and effective toy can help satisfy their chewing needs, reduce the risk of destructive behavior, and promote dental health.

What are Qualities of Dog Teething Rings to Look For?

Material: Look for Dog teething rings made from high-quality, non-toxic materials. Rubber or silicone-based toys are often the best choice, as they are both durable and gentle on your puppy’s gums. Avoid toys made from brittle or easily breakable materials, as they can pose a choking hazard or cause injury to your pup’s mouth.

Size and shape: Teething rings typically come in a variety of sizes, so choose one that is appropriately sized for your puppy’s mouth. Smaller puppies may struggle with larger toys, while bigger puppies may accidentally swallow smaller toys. Opt for a design that your puppy can comfortably hold and chew on. The shape of the teething ring should also be interesting and engaging, as it will encourage your pup to interact with the toy and keep them entertained.

Texture: Different textures can help soothe your puppy’s gums and promote dental health. Look for dog teething rings with ridges, nubs, or other interesting textures that will engage your puppy and encourage them to chew. Varied textures can also help remove plaque and tartar buildup, which is essential for maintaining good dental hygiene.

Durability: A good dog teething ring should be able to withstand your puppy’s persistent chewing. Choose a toy that is made from durable materials, like rubber or silicone, which can endure the wear and tear of daily use. Keep in mind that while no toy is indestructible, a well-constructed teething ring should last for several months, if not longer.

Safety: Safety should always be a top priority when selecting any dog toy, including dog teething rings. Ensure that the toy is made from non-toxic materials and does not have any small, detachable parts that could pose a choking hazard. Regularly inspect the toy for signs of damage or wear, and replace it if necessary to prevent accidents.

Ease of cleaning: Choose a dog teething ring that is easy to clean and maintain. Toys that can be rinsed under warm water or are dishwasher-safe are ideal, as they ensure that your puppy’s toy remains hygienic and free from harmful bacteria.

Additional features: Some dog teething rings come with added features, such as treat-dispensing capabilities, built-in squeakers, or cooling elements. While these features are not necessary, they can add extra entertainment value for your puppy and may encourage them to chew on the toy rather than inappropriate objects.

Now that you have a solid understanding of qualities to look for in dog teething rings, here are some additional tips and information to help you make the best choice for your puppy:

Teething Ring Alternatives

While teething rings are specifically designed to cater to the needs of teething puppies, there are other types of chew toys that can also provide relief and entertainment for your pup during this phase. Some alternatives include:

Teething sticks: These toys are similar to teething rings but come in a stick-like shape. They often feature textured surfaces and may also be freezable, providing additional relief for your puppy’s sore gums.

Chew bones: Chew bones are available in various materials, such as rubber, nylon, or even edible options like rawhide. These toys can provide hours of chewing entertainment for your puppy and help to satisfy their natural urge to chew.

Plush toys: Soft, plush toys with reinforced seams and durable fabric can be an excellent option for puppies that prefer a gentler chewing experience. Look for toys with a built-in squeaker for added entertainment value.

Rope toys: Rope toys can also be a suitable choice for teething puppies. The fibers of the rope can help to clean your pup’s teeth and massage their gums as they chew. However, ensure that the rope toy is made from high-quality, non-toxic materials and supervise your puppy during playtime to avoid ingestion of the fibers.

Understanding Your Puppy’s Chewing Preferences

Just like humans, puppies have individual preferences when it comes to their chewing habits. Some puppies may prefer softer materials, while others may enjoy firmer textures. Pay attention to your puppy’s chewing preferences and consider trying different types of teething rings or chew toys to determine which ones they like best.

Supervision and Safety

Always supervise your puppy during playtime, especially when they are interacting with a new toy. Regularly inspect the teething ring for signs of wear or damage, and replace it if necessary. While accidents can happen, supervision and proactive toy maintenance can help minimize the risk of injury.

Introducing the Teething Ring

When introducing a new teething ring to your puppy, encourage them to interact with the toy by showing excitement and enthusiasm. You may also consider applying a small amount of peanut butter or another dog-safe treat to the toy to pique their interest. Be patient and give your puppy time to explore the new toy, as they may be initially cautious or unsure.

Promoting Dental Health

In addition to providing teething relief, teething rings can also help promote dental health in puppies. The act of chewing helps to clean teeth and remove plaque and tartar buildup. 

Establishing good dental hygiene habits early on in addition to good general care habits can help prevent dental issues later in your dog’s life. In addition to offering teething rings and chew toys, consider implementing regular teeth brushing and dental check-ups with your veterinarian to maintain your pup’s dental health.


In summary, selecting the ideal dog teething rings for your furry friend is crucial in providing comfort and support during their teething phase. With our top picks and in-depth buyer’s guide, you’re now equipped to choose the best teething ring to suit your puppy’s needs. Remember to consider factors such as material, size, shape, texture, and safety when making your decision. By investing in the right dog teething ring, you’ll be promoting your pup’s dental health and ensuring they have a satisfying and engaging chewing experience.

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